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Published: 23-Apr-14
Pinterest for Business. Pinterest Tips for Businesses from Different Industries
Pinterest for Business – Pinterest Tips for Businesses from Different Industries

Business owners, regardless of their size and industry, should not ignore the full marketing potential of the social networking sites. The power of creating a website alone can open doors to millions of potential customers from all over the world, and these social networking sites are slowly opening their doors to accommodate business owners. One of the social networking sites that caters to businesses now is Pinterest, a virtual pinboard that allows you to pin visual contents of your business such as images and videos of your products.

What makes Pinterest so interesting is that it was recently launched on March 2010 and it has grown by almost 4000% last year. It has more visitors than Google+ and LinkedIn, which is a feat in itself, and is ranked as the 60th most visited site in the USA. However, your success is not guaranteed when you market your business in social networking sites like Pinterest. Business owners need to follow certain guidelines on how to really maximize the full powers of these sites.

If you want to make Pinterest work for you, here’s what you need to do:

1.) Sync up your profiles – The beauty of these social networking sites is that they allow you to sync one profile to the next. Business owners can sync their Pinterest business account to show their activity feed on their Facebook and Twitter. This will help customers see your activities in Pinterest from two different sites. Think of it as a three-way marketing prong.

2.) Be search-engine friendly – This is one aspect of Internet marketing that most business owners fail to grasp. Social networking sites will still follow the rules and regulations imposed by search engines when it comes to getting on the SERPs, and it’s pretty normal these days to see Facebook and Twitter pages on the first pages of Google. If you want to make this work for you, you need to be mindful of what you put in your social networking profiles. It’s important to avoid posting duplicate content or plagiarism, unless you are in a syndicated agreement with another website owner, and it’s also important NOT TO SPAM your profile with keywords. Doing any of this will send your website and your Pinterest profile to the depths of the search engines.

3.) Be a source of information – Just because you’re marketing your own site, doesn’t mean you should ignore other sites. When you can’t provide something for your customers, try to lead them to another source, even if it means pointing to another direction. This simply equates to your business being an informative and authoritative source online, and this helps improve your brand recognition.

It’s not that difficult to succeed on the Internet. All you really need is to persevere and to be creative.

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