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Published: 23-Apr-14
Pinterest for Business. Maximize Pinterestâ??s Potential for Your Business
Pinterest for Business – Maximize Pinterest’s Potential for Your Business

When we talk about social networking, we often associate it with Facebook and Twitter. There is no contest behind this claim since these two are claiming the first and second spot in social media respectively. However, there’s also a site that is trailing behind them, and that is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a new social networking site that focuses more on images and pictures. It acts like an online visual board wherein users can be able to post photos and share it with the rest of the community. If you happen to like an image, you can simply share it by hitting “Pin”. This activity would be seen on your personal account. You can also hit the "Heart" button should you wish to like a certain image. If you have an opinion, you can just state it below the comment section.

As a business owner, marketing and advertising does not only revolve around Facebook and Twitter. As such, you will be able to do it also at Pinterest. Here are some tips you can follow in order to maximize the potential of the site to your advantage.

Tip 1. Pictures. Since Pinterest is more on visuals rather than words, it is best that you post great images of your products or your services. Invest in a good camera or perhaps hire a photographer and do a product shoot. Individuals are always enticed with vivid colors and sharp picture quality. This will totally get more re-pins and likes from your prospect consumers. So you need to make sure that you post quality images on your account.

Tip 2. Price tag. With Pinterest, you are able to show just how great your product or your service is. You can easily price it by simply adding a dollar sign in the image description. The cost will then show via a ribbon tag at the upper left part of the image. This could easily boost marketability of your business since your prospect consumers will have an idea of the price range of the items. Even more, your pictures will also be made searchable since all images with tags will automatically go to the Gifts Section of the site.

There are still many things you are be able to do in order to use Pinterest for your business interest. Not to mention, you will be able to add description to the picture with the link of your official business site and more. On top of that, uploading a picture on the site can also be connected with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Imagine how easy marketing is with the aid of Pinterest.

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