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Published: 23-Apr-14
Pinterest for Business. Easy Peasy Product Promotion
Pinterest for Business – Easy Peasy Product Promotion

Pinterest is one social media site that is just a few steps behind Facebook and Twitter. Even if it is trailing from behind, there is no doubt that Pinterest is one unique social networking site you should consider. For marketers and business owners out there, it is strongly suggested that you switch to their business accounts to get the most out of your marketing endeavour.

If you want to get the ball rolling, here are some easy ways to promote your product on Pinterest!

1. Group your products or services. One creative way to get the most out of Pinterest would be to create your own visual boards. A good way to start is to organize and group your photos based on a general theme. For instance, if you are catering to fashionable clothes, it would be ideal to group it according to season and type. You can group your photos based on color, design, ingredients, locations, materials and almost naything you categorize them. Do not sort all your photos in a single board. Make sure to create several boards with varying themes. You can repeat a picture to different themes that you see fit.

2. Highlight top products. Your most popular images can now be tracked via Pinterest Web Analytics. You can use this tool to see which image has the most number of re-pins, shares and likes. This is a good tool that helps you to identify which products or images you should upload more often. You need to entice your prospective consumers so they will visit your Pinterest account often. Listen to them and try to meet their needs halfway. After all, that is what business is all about.

3. Social Media. Although Pinterest is already social networking and social media site in itself, it is always best to pair it with other sites in order to increase your reach and broaden your horizon. Every time you upload a photo, make sure to also share it in on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts. With this, you will be able to expand the reach of your product picture not only in Pinterest, but in other sites as well.

Pinterest truly has a unique way that allows marketers and business owners to market their products and services. It has its own capabilities in boosting a business. Do not be left out. Join the Pinterest bandwagon and start pinning your business on the boards.

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